Dear DMFC : I have been a true Dean Martin fan my entire life. Today I turned 65 years old and spent the entire day listening to Dean's music, including his Christmas songs. My wife gave me a huge cake with "That's Amore" written on it, and my gifts included The Dean Martin Bear Family Box Sets and many DVD of the best of his variety show.
Now I have to worry. If this is what I got for my birthday from my family, what will I get for Christmas? I'm hoping for both a renewal in the Dean Martin fan club, and an autographed copy of Jerry's book about Dean (they are on my wish list).
I am also hoping that the new year will bring more Dean Martin releases in music and movies (and hopefully TV). I can't live without my shot of Dino every morning!
Thanks for everything and Happy New Year to all the other Dean Martin fans out there!!!
(Dan Farber - New York)
Dear DMFC : I wish a very Merry Christmas to all Ye Dinopallies out there! I want to thank the elves at the DMFC for all the great work you do to keep Dino's legacy alive. Be safe, be good and sing along with Dino to Marshmallow World! Thank you.
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : It's Christmas Day... the day our beloved Dean Martin passed away. Dino, we are still thinking of you!
(Jack Jarvis - Utah)
Dear DMFC : I can't believe it's been 15 years since Dean Martin had died. It only seems like yesterday, we were watching him slide down that firepole and chase the bad guys who were after Matt Helm. We know you don't have any bad guys to chase where you are - in heaven. We also know that your firepole reached from the clouds to the earth, and we know you're sliding down all the time when we hear your songs on the radio or see one of your movies on the television.
Here's to you Dean Martin - Merry Christmas 2010!
(Bob Scott - Florida)
Dear DMFC : It's a Marshmallow World
(Terry Grassion - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Santa - All I want for Christmas this year are the four Dean Martin Bear Family box sets!
(Lynne Carter - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : Thanksgiving marks my celebration of the life of Dean Martin. He died on Christmas Day in 1995, and every year I put everything aside to remember Mr. Martin by playing his records and watching his movies every day. Thanks for allowing me to express my thought to all the Dean Martin fans who come here to read about the greatest entertainer in the world - EVER!
(Tom Lean - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : I am so amazed that the world has moved on and seems to have left Dean behind. They seem to have taken Elvis and The Beatles with them, but forgot to let Dino on the "future bus".
(Sally DellaMarie Stafford - New York)
Dear DMFC : This Thanksgiving I will give my thanks to the one person that helped me through the rough times. That person was Mister Dean Martin. Whenever life had handed me some bad news, and I was depressed and down-and-out, Thursday nights were my days of enlightenment because I looked forward to ten o'clock when the Dean Martin Show would be on. Dean always made my troubles a little lighter. It was his smile, and the way he sang a song that simple took me away to a better place.
Thank you Dean Martin. I'll always be your number one fan!
(Kevin Grubbins - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : Dean Rocks!
(Albert Wallis - California)
Dear DMFC : I always loved to listen to Dean as a kid when I didn't even know who Jerry Lewis or Frank Sinatra were! I was a Beatle fan but, I thought he was a great singer too! And then as I got older and watched him on TV and in the movies and thought it would be great to be him with all of the girls; I loved his style and even thought Elvis tried sing and be like him too, but in a rock and roll way.
I still didn't know his history with Jerry Lewis and thought Frank Sinatra was just his pal that tagged along... I grew up and realized his association to these other giants and legends in their own right and still I thought he was the best of the best.
Now that I'm able to put it all into perspective, I still think he was the best of the best of the best!!! Everybody loves somebody... I love Dean's style to the end!!!
Thanks to all of the others, but especially to Dean for inspiring me to be my best and remain cool to the end! What a voice and what a guy! I wish I could appear as cool and relaxed as Dean...
With much appreciation...
(Kelly Tippett - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : How come someone doesn't think about re-releasing some of the older Dean Martin movies back into theatres? They could have a Matt Helm festival (since Dean did 4 Matt Helm adventures) - or how about a Martin and Lewis double bill? Bring back a couple of their movies for the big screen. I'll bet being able to see Hollywood or Bust or The Caddy on the big screen would attract a lot of moviegoers, and the cost of distributing the movie would be very inexpensive since the films have already been made and all they would have to do is re-master them for the theatre (and new DVD release).
Just like some of the fans have posted to this bulletin board in the past, we need some NEW Dean Martin things to keep his flame alive and satisfy us fans out here! Can ANYONE HEAR ME?!?!
(Sean Matthews - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know how much Dean Martin was actually worth at the height of his career, and at the time of his death?
(Leon Raischmidt - Germany)
Dear DMFC : This has been one long hot summer here in Las Vegas. Our economy has tanked... houses that were once selling for $400,000 are now on the market for $100,000 ! Everyone is hurting. The casinos are laying off restaurant help. Some hotels are even asking their guests if they can do without having their beds changed and rooms made up!
I often wondered why someone in town doesn't start some sort of gimmick to get people to visit? I would think that a hotel would start a museum or have a "Rat Pack Month".. You guys could really furnish a casino with all the memorabilia and even with guest speakers.
I think it would even make the national news and get tourism back in full swing.
Just a wild thought... the ones in charge never seem to have an imagination on doing something like this.
(Jerry Tremaine - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I know that I'm a little late in finding your Website for Dean Martin, but the wait was well worth it.
Thanks to Regis Philbin for always talking about Dean Martin and telling us about your fan club. There will never be another entertainer like Dean. We miss him, but he lives on in movies, recordings and your fan club!
(Mark Price - New York)
Dear DMFC : At the wax museum located in Harrah's Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, there is a wax figure of Dean Martin (along with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr.). They allow you to pose and touch the figures. It is a Dean Martin fan's fantasy!
(Julie Highlander - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the quintessential star. He really could and did do it all. Most Importantly, his smile was infectious and we laughed with him.
There will never be another Dean Martin. It all continues on...
Thank you Dean
(Jimmy Muller)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to Regis Philbin, I was able to find your Website and wonderful tribute to Dean. Wow, you have everything. I just wanted to say "hi" to all the other Dean fans out there!
(Cindy Strey - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Your last fan club magazine issue was fantastic! The rare photos you showed put such a light on all that we as fans have read. Thank you for such a wonderful magazine. I am glad I joined, and that is not a commercial to sell others on joining (but you should!)
(Cameo Singulan - India)
Dear DMFC : I just saw that the Elvis Presley Estate (Enterprises) is going all out to celebrate Elvis' 75th birthday this August. Not only did they have a special one-day-only screening of Elvis' last film/documentary "Elvis On Tour", but they also opened the screening with a 25-minute documentary hosted by Priscilla Presley describing the 38-year-old film, and how life was with Elvis back then.
They also advertised the fact that Elvis' home in Tennessee (Graceland) will be open to the public in August, they are having an "Elvis Cruise", they are releasing a huge CD box set of EP's greatest hits, and the movie "Elvis On Tour" is being released for THE FIRST TIME on DVD and BlueRay.
My question is: Why can't someone do this with Dean Martin? Is someone "missing the boat here?!?" Most Elvis fans are Dino fans too --- after all, Elvis loved Dean Martin and Dean was a big influence on Elvis' singing .
Let's go! Let's get something started for Dean!
(Lawrence Trull - California)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to Regis Philbin for letting us know that there is your wonderful fan club for our favorite (and very much missed) performer/singer, Mister Dean Martin. Thanks for your Website and fan club, which I am joining today!
(Michael Goodwin - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Except for the videos that were being sold on television for Dean Martin's roasts and best of variety shows, we haven't heard much else at all. How come? Isn't there enough material, like "out-takes" or unreleased material in the vaults to put out a new CD or two? Can't there be some sort of "Dean Martin Movie Festival" on TV, maybe around the time of his birthday or when he passed away? Where's Dean?
(Steve Grayson - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : How come there isn't any Dean Martin museum in Las Vegas? I can understand there being nothing in Beverly Hills because there would not be the tourist traffic, but Las Vegas is nothing BUT tourists looking to see so many exciting things. Come on Vegas: do more than just name a street on the edge of town after Dean - showcase your past stars!
(Linden Albertson - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : We just joined your fan club for Dean, thanks to hearing Regis Philbin talk about you on his show. The first issue of the magazine arrived today and we were blown away. We just wished we knew about your fan center years ago. Thank you for such a memorable issue and we can't wait until the next one.
(Greg and Karen Morrison - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Here in our town they had a 4th of July Fireworks show last night and besides playing all the patriotic songs like "God Bless America" and "The Star Spangled Banner", they also included Dean Martin's songs, "That's Amore" and "Memories Are Made of This". Dean went out in a bang and everyone was still singing the lyrics after the show ended!
(Judy Fabone - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie... WE LOVE DEAN!
(Carpenter Family - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : Regis Philbin showed a couple of Dean Martin magazines on his show "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning.
I grew up on Dean Martin's music and watching all of his movies and television shows. How do I go about getting the magazines that Regis showed?
(Chris Latten - Rhode Island)
Hi Chris - It's easy to become a yearly member of the Dean Martin Fan Center's Fan Club. You can join either by using Visa or MasterCard with PayPal or we even have a mail-in form if you want to join by check or money order. We publish between 3 to 4 issues a year (closer to 4) and each magazine is devoted entirely to Dean!
- Web Director (DMFC)
Dear DMFC: My husband and I returned from a trip to Las Vegas and was stunned and happy to find that they have an entire street named Dean Martin Boulevard.
We saw Dean's show in Las Vegas at the MGM six times in the past. There was nothing like him and by the looks of it, will never be again. Las Vegas just isn't the same as when Dean, Frank and Sammy played there.
(Sharon Purchlak - California)
Dear DMFC : Just saw Regis on his show mention that you have the best Dean Martin fan magazines. I'll be looking forward to getting them. I have been a life long fan.
(Shawn McWeirter - New York)
Dear DMFC : Thank you guys for all you do to keep Dean Martin's memory alive and going!
(Sue Landry - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I remember the ‘Moonraker’ films as a kid ... I didn’t get (then) how trulycool Deano (if I may) was ...  ‘til later in life that is ... I would love to share various recollections ... if anyone’s interested ... in a Kelowna, B.C., Canada kid’s take on the Martin era from where I was ... then ...
(Kevin McIntosh - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday this June 7, 2010. We all still miss you but know that you are looking down with the rest of the pack. I hope your golf game is going well!
(Haspin Wellsham - England)
Dear DMFC: Happy Birthday #93, Dino!!!!! I know they are throwing you a heckuva party up there!
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC: Reading the posts from people who wonder what happened to Dean after he passed on, you would not believe what we hear over here in Germany. Dean is still highly regarded and often heard on Germany radio. Even his old movies are shown once in a while and most people attribute Dean Martin to one of the good things which came from America.
Even The Bear Family, a German record and CD company, released four huge box sets incorporating every song ever recorded byt Mister Martin, year ago. I hear that there is nothing like these sets in your country.
I just wanted you to know how much Dean Martin in loved over here.
(Greta Rumburg - West Germany)
Dear DMFC: A Big Happy Birthday to the coolest guy ever - Dean Martin!
(Gary Havochek - Oregon)
Dear DMFC: It's so funny that a man as powerful and known the world over has been forgotten by his own team that surrounded him. One wonders why everything ceased to continue as compared to Elvis Presley or The Beatles. At least they try and keep their mortality in check. What's the story behind Dino? A Cover-Up?
(Jonathan Maratti - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC: As I look back over the past posts (from many years ago, in fact) I see that you guys were working several times on getting the United States Postal Service to honor Dean Martin with a commenorative stamp. The idea keeps popping back up on new Dean Martin blogs. Thanks for your continuing efforts. From a loyal Dean Martin fan...
(Janet Brimley - Texas)
Dear DMFC : In answer to – Mrs Anne Mulrooney: I can only assume that you have seen Dean and Perry perform together to have asked your question. Who wouldn’t  think they were related- they were absolutely perfect together. Although they are not related in the traditional sense their families did come from the same part of Italy called the Abruzzi so maybe many many years ago you could find a link.
This area is interesting , a story in itself & may explain why the two men are the way they are. If I am wrong & you have never seen them together,  you must.
Dean guest starred on Perry‘s Kraft show at least twice. One was available on VHS some years back & most or all of it can be seen on the Internet . Both shows were available for viewing at the Broadcasting Museums in Chicago & New York.
There is also a clip on the Internet which I recently found of the two men doing a duet of "Return to Me" which is simply BEAUTIFUL. It appears that Dean came on right at the end of one of Perry’s shows to plug a telethon.
In closing may I say that if you wish these two men did more together, you have exquisite taste.
(Tom Geigner - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone out there have any recordings of Dean Martin that have never been released? That's audio or video or anything.
(Chu Wang - China)
Dear DMFC : Do you know what Dean Martins favorite fragrances were?
(Carlo Di Febo)
Dear DMFC : We love Dean Martin and his music over here. Thank you for having this forum and information.
(Gan Kreskin - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Our kids have grown up and are out of the house now. My husband has become very weary of his surroundings and the new neighbors that have moved in around us. All we hear is rap music pouring out of their automobiles late at night, or we see some mighty desperate looking souls with a lack of social skills learking around the neighborhood.
To combat the problem, my husband has decided to start playing HIS generations music loud with all the windows and doors wide open. The neighbors get an earful of Dean Martin, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, etc.
One of the neighbors threatened us because they hated our loud music, but when the police showed up, all they did was laugh and told us that we had good taste.
We're thinking about having a huge party where everyone can come dressed in fine clothes and chauffered cars. Can you imagine the look on the neighborhood punks that don't have a dime or a future for themselves? Maybe we'll convert a few of them.
(Mrs. Cooley - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I agree with a previous post about losing interest in Dean Martin. Everyone today, no matter what age, knows who Elvis Presley is because they continued keeping him in the spotlight even after his death. What has anyone (with the exception of you guys) done to keep the Dean Martin legacy alive? Where are all the unreleased songs? Where are the TV Shows? I think the time has passed and it's beginning to be too late to capture his memory for the generation of today. Sad.
(Julie Lohan - Texas)
Dear DMFC : In answer to- Don Barone. The movie was Robin & the 7 hoods. Classic Rat Pack.
(Tom Geigner - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Why does the support and interest in Dean Martin seem to be waining today? Have we come so far and forgotten to take Dean with us? Please tell me it isn't so! His people have left him behind.
(Robert Severce - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : Wonder if you could answer a movie quote question for me...what movie was it where Dean was palying cards (I believe) and he said to a woman something along the line of , "I like a bank with strong assets…" as he was eyeing her up and down?  Thanks!
(Don Barone)
Dear DMFC : My son made his own Valentine Day cards for his 4th grade classmates using pictures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis from the Internet. They are adorable. The funny thing is... I don't have a clue how he knows who Martin and Lewis is !?! (We never showed him any of the Martin and Lewis movies).
(Gail Bressler - Oregon)
Dear DMFC: I just purchased a box set of Dean Martin music that the Bear Family Company in Germany put out. It is such a beautiful box with over 120 songs, and this is onkly volume number one of four!
I love the way it also came with a hard cover book that measures about 12" x 12" and has a lot of colour photographs and lots of information. I can't wait to aquire the other three sets now. Thank you for producing and making this available to us fans!
(Roger Hakus - Germany)
Dear DMFC : In answer to - Mrs Anne Mulrooney: I can only assume that you have seen Dean and Perry perform together to have asked your question. Who wouldn't think they were related- they were absolutely perfect together.
Although they are not related in the traditional sense their families did come from the same part of Italy called the Abruzzi so maybe many many years ago you could find a link. This area is interesting , a story in itself & may explain why the two men are the way they are.
If I am wrong & you have never seen them together, you must. Dean guest starred on Perry 's Kraft show at least twice. One was available on vhs some years back & most or all of it can be seen on the Internet . Both shows were available for viewing at the Broadcasting Museums in Chicago & New York. There is also a clip on the Internet which I recently found of the two men doing a duet of Return to Me which is simply BEAUTIFUL. It appears that Dean came on right at the end of one of Perry's shows to plug a telethon.
In closing may I say that if you wish these two men did more together, you have exquisite taste.
(Tom Geigner, Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I would agree with Deborah Tarin of Oregon, that it would be a blast to see older movies cleaned up and put out on the big screen again. Also, how about another documentary/movie like "That's Dancing" or "That's Entertainment". Maybe "That's Funny!" or "That's Dean and Jerry"?!
(G. Latham - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I just saw that the Grammy's gave young country singer Taylor Swift the award for "Album of the Year". Wow... it's about time someone who sings "Main-stream" wins! Dean... your type of music may not be dead!
(Julian Young)
Dear DMFC : Can any other fan out there tell me if Dean Martin was ever related to Perry Como? I know this question probably gets asked a million times.
(Mrs. Anne Mulrooney - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Has anyone thought of restoring and re-releasing a couple of the older Martin and Lewis movies to movie theatres? Don't you think that this might work? I mean, the cost would be relatively inexpensive, since the movies are already made, and it might give a whole new generation something to go see and have a fun night over.
(Deborah Taring - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Aren't there any new UNreleased Dean Martin songs in the vaults? All we are getting is a cd here or there, once or twice a year, with the same old stuff.
(Craig Bastille - Canada)
Dear DMFC : My wife and I are in our early 60's, and we were invited to a New Years Eve party thrown by my son and his family tonight. There were over 60 people in attendance, and it was wonderful meeting a lot of their friends. We couldn't believe how many of them knew who Dean Martin was, and one couple even gave us your Website address. Wow, we are not only impressed but we are so ever grateful to have a place to go to see Dean Martin, knowing that he still has many people who love him.
(Terry & Linda McCallister - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : The letter from Kanada was weird. Why would anyone who had a dislike for Dean Martin spend so much time writing a letter as he did? I think this person has some real social or educational problems. It is interesting to see that there are all kinds of people out there.
Anyway, I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2010 will be much better for all of us, and maybe some of us "normal" people will start standing up once again and start taking control of our own futures. It seems like the Dean Martin years were a much better time to be living in compared to the changes that are being created a such a fast rate today.
Happy New Year everyone!
(Carmine Clarkson - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Happy 2010! I hope this is going to be a good year for Dino fans. We would sure like to see more of our hero. Thanks to you guys for always being there for us fans!
(Jasmine Taylor - Canada)